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Court Expert

Areas of Expertise

I am a sworn and court-certified expert for:

  • tax consulting and auditing

  • accounting

  • balance sheet accounting

  • consolidated financial statements

  • national and international accounting and company valuation

  • corporate planning (investment planning, financial planning, cost planning, liquidity planning)

  • insolvency cases: inability to pay and over-indebtedness


We prepare expert opinions for authorities and for companies, which require not only economic, but also legal expertise.

Investigative Authorities and Courts

Working as an expert in the field of tax and auditing not only requires specialist knowledge, but also experience. We can offer both, not least because of our many years of scientific work on the one hand and our regular commissioning by authorities in small and large procedures.

Companies and Private Individuals

In addition to the expert opinions commissioned by authorities, we are also commissioned by companies and private individuals to prepare expert opinions. They serve as a basis for decisions or underpin a legal point of view in ongoing proceedings.

We prepare expert opinions on questions of national and international accounting law, on questions of solvency and over-indebtedness, and also on the assessment of complex economic and legal issues, often also to relieve clients in ongoing proceedings. We are at your disposal for all questions in connection with national and international tax law. Claims for damages and their quantification are also the subject of qualified reports as well as support with regard to consulting errors and liability issues.

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