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Lawyer & Tax Consultant

Tax proceedings and criminal code for tax offences

Do you need representation during ongoing proceedings or preventively in advance? To avoid prosecution for tax and economic offences, or to avoid or minimize risks and damage?

With us, tax procedures and prosecution for tax offences are in qualified hands that will still tackle the matter when everyone else has already let go!

Court Expert Matters

Due to the knowledge and experience as an expert for civil and criminal courts as well as for public prosecutor's offices, submitted reports can be analyzed in a particularly targeted manner and any weak points in the process can be identified.

You are spared the need to go from lawyer to public accountant and private expert, we offer you one-stop-shop solutions. Lawyer colleagues who transfer tasks to us are guaranteed client and mandate protection, of course.

(Special) Tax Consulting

Special problems require special expertise. Due to many years of work in science and practice, we are happy to use the knowledge we have acquired for you.

From experience, however, special tax consulting is often related to many other areas of law and therefore requires not only in-depth knowledge of tax law and business administration, but also the consideration of questions from other areas of law.

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